What is the distribution of Angel Groups in the US?

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To add some context around angel investing, according to the Angel Capital Association, there are over 330 Angel Groups in the United States and Canada that are active within the startup community. Angel Groups in the U.S. alone were responsible for investing over $228M in a total of 170 deals during Q1 in 2014. Transaction details can be found on CB Insights.

The 10 most active Angel Groups in the U.S. according to the Q1 2014 HALO report are: Alliance of Angels, Angel Investor Forum, Central Texas Angel Network, Desert Angels, Houston Angel Network, Launchpad Venture Group, Robin Hood Ventures, Sand Hill Angels, Tech Coast Angels and Wisconsin Investment Partners.

Moreover, the Halo Report, published a study stating Angel Groups particularly liked startups operating in the industries of internet (37.3%) and healthcare (19.6%). Outside of those two leading verticals, angels backed mobile & telecom (14.6%), industrials (5.7%), energy & utilities (1.9%), software (1.9%), and other industries (19%).

tpr Train Answered on September 7, 2015.
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